Click Here for Our 2020 Republican Primary Endorsements!

Spring Branch Republicans encourages voters as much as possible to do their own research, meet the candidates, share your ideas with friends, family and neighbors, and encourage people who share your values to get out and vote. Yet, it’s impossible for the average conservative voter to meet and research every candidate, and we continually receive requests for guidance and insight on candidates and election issues. So, as an additional resource, our politically seasoned Advisory Board does extensive research, from public information, candidate interaction, and candid behind the scenes insight, in order to share our recommendations of the candidates we believe to be the most qualified conservatives.  You can download our latest list of endorsements at the following link and take it with you to the polls:

2020 Republican Primary Endorsements

Below are some examples of other community-based organizations that provide candidate recommendations. We don’t agree with them on every endorsement but welcome the involvement of groups like these in their efforts to inform and mobilize Republican voters. We encourage you to find groups that share your values and interests and do your own research, in order to become an actively engaged voter and a resource for others in your community.




For information on how and where to vote, please visit: www.HarrisVotes.com