By Joseph Pelati

The race for Harris County Republican Party Chair clearly shows just how for-profit and dubious voter guides are putting self-interest and profits first. Paul Simpson, the current chair, is supported by more than 200 Republican precinct chairs, activists and elected Republican leaders. Under Paul’s leadership, the Republican Party in Harris County has come roaring back after it was left penniless and lacking under the former chair who Paul finally defeated in 2014. By the way, this former chairman is the president of one of the problematic slates.

This year, these for-profit and dubious slates are supporting a candidate unqualified to lead the state’s largest county party and defend the largest majority Republican county in the country.

Their candidate has run for and lost three different offices. Yet, he tells us he has a plan to win again.

Even worse, he is the founder and editor of a so-called conservative quarterly that refused to endorse president Trump and promoted Democrats for District Judge, County Attorney and Sheriff. On the issue of sanctuary cities, he sided with Houston’s liberal police chief and against Lt. Governor Dan Patrick.

On the other hand, Paul Simpson’s record and conservative credentials are unquestionable. Paul Simpson has been actively engaged in Republican politics as a teenage Republican, a precinct Chair, HCRP’s Treasurer and County Party Chair. Paul is a successful oil and gas attorney with the law firm McGinnis Lochridge. Paul and his wife

Kathy have been married for 32 years have two children, William and Angela.

From Mayor Parker’s forced bathroom plan to fighting for lower taxes, Paul Simpson has successfully defended our conservative values. He has supported our Republican delegation in Austin and Washington D.C. to push through conservative reforms.

As our Chairman, Paul Simpson has led the fight to stop liberal Democrats from winning at every level. Paul Simpson has taken our party from broke to over $6 million raised, recruited almost three hundred new precinct chairs and initiated five fully staffed offices operating throughout the county. Precinct chairs now have resources and support.

Now, these three for-profit and dubious slates are asking you to ignore the facts. Do yourself and Harris County a favor – trash the pay-to-play slates.